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about us

our story

The story of how our family, with no experience in chocolate making, started a chocolate company is truly one of opportunity and co-operation.

We started on this exciting journey in 1998 when the opportunity arose to purchase an old cocoa plantation in St Mark, Grenada.

Since then, through laughter and tears we have evolved into the business we are today. We believe that the cocoa bean is truly amazing as it gives us  treats from chocolate bars, to cocoa tea, chocolate for baking. This has prompted our dedication to exploring the cocoa bean.

We pride ourselves in being a bean to bar chocolate producer. This means that we have control over the production process from the bean to our chocolate bars, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and all our other cocoa products.

We use Trinitario cocoa beans. As the name implies, this type of fine flavour bean originated right here in Trinidad. We use the best practices to develop world class fine flavour chocolate bars and cocoa products. 

Our beans are sourced from two places: Gran Couva, Trinidad and Tobago and our estate in St Mark, Grenada. We are committed to continually working with farmers to ensure fair prices and good working conditions.


our name

We are family business. This is embodied in all that we do and our name is no different. It reflects the name of the members of our family. Arendel is a combination of the letters "R" and "L", the first initials of the owners, Richard and Lois.

Arendel, for us, evokes the rich culture and history of fine cocoa. It represents our aspirations to build our company as well as the cocoa industry in Trinidad and Tobago. We believe that this will be achieved through working closely with farmers, our community and other local chocolate makers.

our values


In the pursuit of ethically produced chocolate, traceability is a major issue.  Thus, we ensure that all the cocoa used in our bars can be traced back to the source.


We work to form sustainable partnerships with growers which will ensure that they are empowered and that our beans are being produced and harvested by workers who have good working conditions and fair wages .


Quality is of tremendous importance to us. The pursuit of quality begins with the search for beans with the desired flavour profile. The journey continues through the use of practices that will express the flavours of the beans and create an enjoyable taste and texture. 


Co-operation is a continual commitment for us. We strongly believe that to create great products, we must work closely with cocoa growers and to create a strong cocoa industry, we must work closely with our fellow chocolate makers.

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